Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Too oily and smells terrible!

If you are wondering if this is a great product, I would say no (at least to me). I am just glad that I got this for free to try!  On my hair it made it really really oily, and on my skin it wasn't any better. I had to use almost the whole bottle before I started to notice a change in the dryness of my skin. And you may be thinking OK I'm still going to try it, it might smell good... Nope, you would be wrong on that one too. It smells like motor oil. I had to go find a good smelling lotion just to cover up the gross smell that this came with. I say try at your own risk!!!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mike and Charlies

Most of you know, or maybe you don't, that I love Italian food!! On February 17 of this year My self and 5 more friends went to the Gary Allan concert at Harrah's North Kansas City Casino & Hotel. We arrived at Mike and Charlies to eat dinner before the 8 pm concert. We were seated at like 6:05pm, had to wait for a good 20 min before our server even showed up and took our drink order, waited another 20 min before those drinks came back to us. The server then took our appetizer order, then rushed off before getting another drink order. We had to flag someone down to find our server, when our server did show back up he had our appetizer in hand, ordered another round of drinks, waited another 10 min before we got those drinks, and then he took our dinner order, this was at 10 till 7. By 7:30 our food still had yet to arrive at our table. Now Gary Allan goes on at 8pm. We found a manger (the same gentleman that we flagged down before) and asked him where our server was and our food was, his response... the printer went down in the kitchen. We knew that was a lie because the 5 other tables that were seated after us had already had their food and left. We get our food at 7:45pm eat 5 bites and ask for the bill. The total was 358.00 for 6 people. Everyone in the party has been in the service industry for a very long time, so we know that servers work for tips, this server got a $1.63 from 6 people. I have emailed the General Manager Cap Narine, and his response was basically, so sorry that you had crappy service. Do not go to Mike and Charlies up and Harrah's. The service was below awful, and management doesn't care about repeat customers, apparently they don't care about good recommendations from patrons either. So, if you are looking for a good Italian restaurant, I suggest that you go someplace else! The management doesn't care about you, or about getting any new customers or repeat customers. They only care about their pockets. It is really sad, for the 5 bites that we had, I think it was good. The sad thing is, the general manager doesn't care about this problem at all. His excuse was that they knew there was a concert that night, and they were short staffed. We didn't get any thing taken off of our bill, no free drinks, nothing at all. If you want good Italian food I suggest Carabbas, at least there, servers and managerial staff want you to come back and go that extra mile! BTW... If any of you that read this, know Mike Garozzo or Charlie Gitto, please let them read this. I would love to hear from them and their thoughts about the poor service management and staff are bringing to this restaurant!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Glade expressions!!!!

So I got this stuff for free from Bzzagent. And I have to tell you... I have the oil diffuser in my bedroom, and I can smell it in my living room, but it isn't so strong when you are in the bedroom. The spray is awesome as well. It isn't too strong, but lasts a long time! I recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a great scent for their home!!!