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Release Day Blitz:The Homespun Holiday by Sarah O'Rourke

 Homespun cover 4

Dr. Mackenzie Daniels was a loner. He had the divorce, a far-away family, and well-known cranky persona to prove it. And if he had his way, he would continue on his loner way, in spite of the attempts of the townspeople to infiltrate his life with their irritating, so-called charming ways. That was...until he met the beautiful Nurse Millicent Robbins.

Millie Robbins had done the love and marriage thing, and all she could say was that she got a beautiful daughter out of the entire debacle. Love was not in her long-term plans when she graduated from nursing school, thank you very much....until she found herself falling head over heels for the grouchiest but most gorgeous doctor she’d ever met.

Can Mack and Millie find their way to love in spite of their histories? Can happiness actually exist for two star-crossed lovers?

Join the entire town of Paradise for a Christmas celebration of lasting love!

HH Teaser All I Want for Christmas is You 
 HH Teaser It Must Have Been the Mistletoe 
 HH Teaser Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
“Fine.  What about a favor, huh?  Friends do favors for each other all the time, don’t they?” Mack volleyed smoothly, studying her.  “How about you do me this favor, Millicent?  You won’t deny me that, will you?  Especially since you’re the one that got me into this predicament.”
“No, I suppose not.  I’d be happy to spend the holidays with you and your family.”
“Same here,” he admitted softly.  “Now, how do you feel about you and Paisley helping me decorate my place tomorrow?  It’s Saturday.  We both have the day off unless one of my patients decides to go into labor, and since nobody is that close to delivery yet, I think we’re pretty clear there.   My family expects to fly into Paradise and find my home a completely undecorated mess.  I’d love to knock my sister down a peg or two and surprise her with a perfectly designed Winter Wonderland.  Really, this is the least you could do,” he grumbled when Millie didn’t make a peep.  “Let me remind you once more that this shit is all your fault.”
“Such a sweet talker.”  Millie sighed dramatically and batted her eyelashes demurely.  “You sure know how to charm a girl.”
“My ex-wife used to say the same thing,” he reminisced.
You were married?  For real?  To a woman?”  Millie gaped in stunned disbelief, unable to imagine this male as a part of a couple.  Sure, she’d had her fantasies about her sexy boss.  Of course she had!  He was hot.  Lean and muscular in all the right places.  And she’d bet her right pinky toe that he was hung like a horse.  But that’s where the fantasy ended.  Because in addition to all she fantasized about, Mackenzie Daniels was also surly, stubborn and an all-around Gloomy Gus on most all the days that ended in Y.
“For your sake, lady, I’m going to choose not to be offended here,” Mack returned mockingly as he fought a grin.  “You don’t need to look quite so astonished; I’m not exactly an ogre, Mills.”
Staring up at him, Millie took stock of the Doc’s high, chiseled cheekbones, his dimpled chin, his square jaw and his perfectly sculpted, extremely kissable lips and she had to agree.  “No, definitely not an ogre,” she whispered, as her tongue darted out to lick her suddenly dry lips.  “What I meant to say is that I just never imagined anyone that valued his solitude and privacy as much as you do married to anyone.”
“I do enjoy my solitude and privacy, but I’m also a guy, Millie.   I do like to fuck.”
Millie nearly choked on her tongue.  “Women, right?”
“Yes, women!  Did you assume I was asexual?  Or did you think I was gay?  Do I strike you as a latent homosexual, Millie?” he asked as his steady gaze connected with her nervous one.
“N-no, but if you did swing that way, you should know that Paradise has this lovely florist that’s been looking for love in all the wrong places,” she managed to impart through her mostly frozen lips.
“He’ll have to keep lookin’ then because I’m straight as an arrow, woman,” Mack growled, his eyes skating hungrily over her pretty face.
“Doc, why are you tellin’ me this stuff?” Millie asked, trying desperately to understand where and when this new and open Mackenzie had emerged.  Would she find the ‘Old Mackenzie’ collapsed at his desk in the office?  Was she hallucinating?  What exactly had been in her sandwich from the diner?
“That’s what friends do, right?  Share and shit like that?” he asked with a careless shrug.
“I reckon,” Millie mumbled.  “But maybe we should think about getting back to the office.  It’s almost two and you’ve got a 2:30 with Sandy Bingham.”  Honestly, she was more than a little nervous standing here with him because suddenly Mack was eyeing her like she was a steak and he was a very hungry animal.  And crazily enough, she found herself not minding in the least the idea of being his meal.
Ignoring her reminder of his afternoon appointment, he kept staring at her.  “So, is that a yes to spending tomorrow with me?”
“I… uh…. I guess, if that’s really what you want,” she agreed, her cheeks blushing as she tried to make herself stop fidgeting like a teenage girl being asked on her first date.
“What about tonight?  Are you busy tonight?” he asked.
“I don’t think so.  Why?”
“Because, you haven’t seen my place.  I want to show it to you so that you can get an idea of what we’ll need.  I’ll even feed you if you’ll agree to help me out,” he offered calmly.
“I…you’re sure about this?” she asked, not quite able to believe that this man was volunteering to spend time with her.  Or hell, with anybody really.  Mack was a loner.  Everyone, including her, knew it.  He’d already knocked her off her axis with the news that he’d once had a wife.  Now, he was acting like -- dare she even imagine it – like he was actually interested in her?
“I’m positive.  And maybe tonight could be an adults-only evening since tomorrow will be kid-friendly,” he suggested smoothly.
“Uhmmm – okay,” she agreed slowly, nodding.  “I’m sure my mom and dad won’t mind watching Paisley for a few hours.”
“Good,” Mack declared with a satisfied nod as he reached around Millie to open the vehicle’s door for her.  “Then I’ll pick you up at your place around six.  Is that enough time to get off work and get Paisley to your parents’ house?”
Millie nodded as she began to climb into the cab of the truck, her mind reeling as she tried to keep up with their conversation.  Things were happening so quickly that she felt like she’d somehow fallen into an alternate universe – one where sexy-as-sin doctors wanted to spend time with her outside of work.  “Yeah, that’ll be…great,” she acknowledged, her voice a little shaky.  Offering him a dazed look, she shook her head. 
“What?” he growled in that surly voice she knew so well.
“I don’t understand what’s happening here, Doc,” she said truthfully.  “Have you just asked me out on a date?” she asked, her eyes twinkling with enthusiasm as her heart pounded in her chest.
Mack’s face flushed and he shrugged.  “Why is it so important to women to label everything?  We’re gonna share a meal tonight.  If you wanna call it a date, I can’t stop you,” he declared before slamming the door on her reply.
“I’ll be damned,” Millie muttered to herself as she watched him slowly circle the SUV to reach the driver’s side.  “It’s an honest-to-God Christmas miracle.”


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Sarah O'Rourke is actually TWO besties who live three states apart and write at all hours of the day and night! Born and raised in the Southern United States, they are overly attached to their one-click accounts, can’t make it through the day without copious doses of caffeine, and spend way too much time on the phone with each other. Between them, they have four children and eighteen years of to a super soldier and the other to egomaniac engineer. They hate empty chocolate wrappers and writer’s block, love to talk to readers...and oh, by the way, they write about strong, kick-ass women and hot alpha heroes!

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Blog Tour: Destroy You by K.D. Carrillo

 Title : Destroy You
Author: K,D, Carrillo
Genre: New Adult/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: 17th November
Series: Destroy Series book 3

Antonia “Toni” Padilla’s friends think she is heartbroken, but they’re wrong….

Toni’s on again, off again relationship with Miguel Santos is going nowhere, but it’s not the end of the world. The truth is she hasn’t had feelings for him for a long time- if ever. She doesn’t really believe a man can bring her to her knees, but then she meets bar owner Trent McKenzie.

Trent wants Toni instantly, but she’s going to make him work for it…

Trent has a reputation for one-night stands, and Toni won’t be another notch on his bedpost, so despite their fierce attraction, she waits until she’s sure of his intentions. But once they start dating there’s a mysterious increase in criminal activity around Trent’s bar.

Past traumas and current hidden agendas become dangerous…

Toni fears she’s being stalked, and the stress is bringing back nightmares she thought she’d gotten rid of years ago. To make matters worse, Trent soon becomes a target himself; leaving somebody he loves caught in the crossfire.

Unraveling the secrets of Toni’s lifelong recurring nightmare could help identify who means them harm, but who do you trust when you don’t know who is out to Destroy You.

Destroy You 

Others in the series:

Destroy Me

Self Destruct

I'm super normal.
I'm a single mom to one. Which is plenty, because my son is a genius.  How many mothers have to tell their children to turn off the documentary about Einstein so they can sleep?

I suppose it was inevitable.  My brand of rebelling in college was to minor in French when my advisor told me not to take it.

I'm a teacher by day, and wonder woman by night.  Okay, not really,  But how cool would that be?

I like long walks on the beach, and running in slow motion.  Oops,  wrong profile.

Seriously,  did I mention I'm kind of a nerd? That's in now, isn't it?

I live books.  Love isn't a strong enough word.  I think my first crush was on a Hardy Boy.  Now I've moved on to rock stars and tattooed bad boys, as long as they're fictional.

Talking about myself is weird, because I'm just me.  So anything else you want to know hit up my author page on Facebook.

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Blog Tour: Elusive Love by K.A. Robinson



In high school, I was the shy girl who talked to almost no one. I had a group of six or seven friends who I stuck with, content with their company. I was free to be myself around them. While I was quiet inside the walls of our school, I would be a completely different person away from it. With my friends, I’d laugh loudly, spout more sarcasm than I’d thought possible, and act like a complete goofball. I was normal around them—well, as normal as I could be.
While I was content with my friends, something was missing, something I longed for—a boyfriend. Every single teenage girl could relate to the feeling of longing when she stared at the boys walking around her in the hallways of her high school. I’d watch the girls in my classes cling to their boyfriends. Some of them would go past clinging, as they displayed their, uh…affection for everyone to see. I’d pretend not to see them, but I did. I was a professional at keeping a blank face, but inside, I was jealous of those girls.
When I reached my junior year with not even a single boyfriend under my belt, I started to wonder if maybe something was wrong with me. I knew my shyness didn’t help, but surely, that wasn’t the only reason no guy had paid attention to me, past the point of friendship.
Every morning, I’d study myself in the bathroom mirror, noting every imperfection I could see. My boobs were too small, there was a little pudge around my waist, my nose was too big, my brown hair was too plain, my green eyes were too dull, and my lips were too big.
It didn’t take long for me to sink into a depression. I had memorized every imperfection I could see, searing them into my brain.
When I walked through the halls of my high school, I was sure that every single student was noticing the same imperfections. They were taking note of them and laughing manically about me behind my back. By the time that idea had planted itself inside my head, I hated myself.
Then, something changed a few months into my junior year. A senior, Joey Sanders, spoke to me in class one afternoon. No one spoke to me, besides my friends. I was so startled that I answered him, an action my normally shy disposition would have prevented. He seemed as surprised as I was that I could actually speak. He quickly got over his shock, throwing me a smile that blinded me, a smile that showed a dimple in each of his cheeks.
For the next few weeks, Joey would speak to me in class every single day. Starved for attention, it didn’t take me long to find myself crushing on him. He was certainly crush-worthy. He kept his dark brown hair cut short. His eyes were a warm chocolate brown that lit up every time he smiled. He was tall, too, which was a serious plus since I was a little over five foot seven inches.
Until he’d spoken to me, I had barely noticed him. Afterward, all I could do was obsess over him. I’d watch him in the one class we had together. I’d search for him during lunch. I’d learned what classes he was taking and who his friends were. I was slightly obsessed, and I knew it, but I didn’t care.
If Joey thought my questions were too probing or that I glanced over at him too often, he didn’t comment. Instead, he’d continue to talk with me, laughing at my jokes. Warmth would fill my chest whenever he was around.
Less than two months after he’d spoken his first words to me, we were together. My self-esteem skyrocketed because someone like Joey wanted me. I walked around with a bounce in my step, my heart light.
I was in love with the idea of love itself, not that I realized that then. I’d thought I was in love with Joey. I was too young to know that love was rarely instant, that it took time to truly love someone. Honestly, if I had known, I wouldn’t have cared. I had been too happy to let reality take hold.
When Joey graduated that spring, I worried that things would fall apart between us. He laughed when I told him my fears and assured me that he wasn’t going anywhere. He kept his word, finding a construction job close by. He moved into his own apartment, only a few miles away from where I lived with my parents.
Every night, after I’d come home from school and he’d finished with work, he would come to my house. He would have dinner with my family, spend his evenings with us, and even sleep on our couch every once in a while. With the exception of not having him around me at school, hardly anything between us had changed.
Our feelings grew stronger with every passing day. Even though we found ourselves arguing sometimes, it didn’t hinder how I felt about him.
After one particularly bad fight that had ended with him storming out of my house and tearing down my driveway, the cold reality that he could leave me finally registered with me. It knocked me over with the force of a ton of bricks. If he left me, I’d have no one. No other man had ever shown any interest in me, and I realized I’d be all alone again. I’d go back to being an unwanted freak.
The next day, I begged for his forgiveness. I spent hours groveling before he finally accepted my apology. I hated that I was the one apologizing since he was the one who had started the argument the evening before, but I ignored that little voice in my head, too relieved that I wasn’t going to lose him.
Things moved quickly for us after I graduated from high school. Less than a month after I had been handed my diploma, I had an engagement ring on my finger. Six months after that, when I was only a few months over eighteen, I was walking down the aisle and saying, “I do,” to the one and only man who had ever paid an ounce of attention to me.
Joey and I had both come from lower-class families, so neither of us could afford to go to college after high school. Joey continued working in construction, which brought in a decent income. I attended a technical school during high school, and I was certified as a medical assistant upon graduation from high school. I found a job working at a doctor’s office, but I was miserable.
Instead of using the skills I’d acquired through school, I decided to help my dad with his business. He did body work and repairs on cars. His business had grown quite a bit over the last few years, and it was hard for him to handle everything, so I took over the paperwork and customer service portion of the work.
Neither Joey nor I were rich, but with our combined incomes, we managed to pay the bills and even put a little bit into savings each month. We were living the typical American lifestyle.
Two years after I’d become his wife, Joey and I marked off another milestone in our life together. I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified. I was only twenty years old, far too young to be a mother, in my opinion. Joey was ecstatic. Soon, his elation started to rub off on me, and I became excited, too.
But that was when things began to change between us. It was small things at first—bickering over bills or what television show to watch. I blamed my hormones as our child grew within me. At times, I would become so annoyed with Joey that we wouldn’t talk to each other for days at a time.
Just when I felt like things were at a breaking point between us, our daughter came into the world. She arrived on a Tuesday at three o’clock in the morning, kicking and screaming like a banshee. Amelia Kathryn Sanders weighed seven pounds, six ounces. She was beautiful and healthy. I instantly fell in love with her. It was amazing how something so tiny could steal my heart with only one glance.
Amelia came home, and amazingly enough, she brought peace with her. For the next few months, things settled between Joey and me. We were even kind to each other, rarely fighting, which was the complete opposite of how we had been before Amelia was born. Yes, for those few short months, things were peaceful. I was happy, content even.
But, as they said, all good things must come to an end. I’d been battling with postpartum depression since Amelia was born, but it was manageable since things were so good with Joey. That ended abruptly. It was as if a switch had been flipped overnight, and suddenly, we were fighting again. Sometimes, things would get violent. I would smack him, or he would grab my keys or my phone and throw them out of reach to keep me from leaving him or calling my parents. The relationship I had clung to so hard was slowly destroying me.
Our relationship got worse and worse until I felt like I would never see the light again. My depression worsened until I was forced to visit my doctor. He increased my medication and scheduled several consecutive appointments because he was concerned that I was headed into suicidal territory.
The fighting between Joey and me intensified. We’d have screaming matches over the littlest things. He became controlling. If he came home at night and there was even one dirty bottle or soiled diaper in view, he would freak out. He began making rules that I would have to follow, like I was no longer allowed to eat anywhere but in the kitchen. He also threw out all the junk food in the house, telling me it was time I lost the weight I’d gained while pregnant with Amelia.
Still, no matter how depressed I was, I couldn’t bring myself to leave him. It wasn’t only out of fear of being alone anymore even though that was a big part of it. I admitted to myself that I was weak for clinging to a dying relationship because I didn’t want to be on my own. I had always been weak. My low self-esteem had been a major factor in that weakness, and it was even worse now.
If I left him, I was sure I’d be alone. No one had wanted me before, so certainly, no one would want me after I’d had a child. I had stretch marks. My clothes usually had at least a tiny bit of spit-up on them. I rarely wore makeup anymore, and my hair was almost always tied up into a bun on the top of my head. I certainly wasn’t going to win any mental health or beauty awards in the near future.
The main reason I couldn’t leave Joey was because of Amelia. I didn’t want her to grow up in a broken home, seeing her father only a few times a week or a month in the way that so many children did. No, I wanted her to see us together. I wanted her to feel like she had a family she could depend on. Even though she was only an infant, I knew she would grow up faster than I could ever imagine. I wanted her childhood to be filled with happy memories of her mother and father, together. As long as we could hide our fighting from her, I was sure she would have those memories.
The man I’d once worshipped became my greatest enemy. To dull the ache in my heart and the darkness clouding my mind, I started to drink, something I’d never even been tempted to do before. I began smoking as well. I looked forward to every cigarette because it would give me an excuse to escape outside for a few minutes.
Joey noticed my drinking but made no move to stop it. In fact, he encouraged it. Maybe it was because we wouldn’t fight as much when I drank, or maybe it was because he was almost always guaranteed sex when I was drunk, something that he usually received very little of since we fought so much. Either way, my drinking settled things between us. The fighting lessened as long as I had a drink in my hand. I would wait until Amelia was asleep in her crib before I would start. Joey, despite his personality issues, was an amazing father, and he’d take care of her if she woke up at night.
And so our lives went. Things settled, and I accepted the way things were between us.
Then, something changed again.
And it was the start of this story, the real story, the one where I fell in love with another man.

~~I received this in exchange for my honest opinion~~

This is a beautiful story!! I am still in the process of reading it and I will update this as soon as I finish it today!!! But so far I am loving every single second that I am reading this book!! 

Blog Tour: Dark Secret by Michelle Escamilla

DARK SECRET, a Paranormal Romance by Michelle Escamilla, is now available for purchase through Limitless Publishing! This is the first installment in the Dark Spell Series and it's available on Kindle Unlimited!

Emma Blackwood’s life is the epitome of ordinary—but that’s all about to change… 

She left her dull hometown for college in the city, though now that college is over, Emma has fallen back into the same old routine. But when she meets a gorgeous, dark-eyed stranger during a night on the town, the world as she knows it tips off its axis. One touch of his hand awakens something inside her, and Emma immediately knows her life will never be normal again. 

Nothing about Micah Oliver’s world has ever been mundane… 

A warlock raised by a powerful witch, Micah has the ability to sense others like him. Meeting beautiful, brunette Emma was supposed to be a blessing for him, someone who would truly understand his way of life. But as he helps her to understand and control her growing magical powers, he’s torn between his attraction to her and the other job he’s expected to do. 

Emma doesn’t know her history or her future, and Micah has the answers—but some of 
them could be deadly. 

Emma must master her powers if she hopes to survive, because Micah is hiding a… 
Dark Secret.


"I don't know what secrets you want to know," she moaned.

"I saw what you did at the coffee shop, the thunder, it's not just a coincidence. I know your secrets, Emma. But you need to tell me what you know."

"I don't know!" 

"Emma, I want to be with you. We can be amazing together, but you have to admit what you are." 

"What am I?" she moaned. 

"A witch."

Michelle Escamilla is a married mom of two. She began writing just to pass the time, waiting for one of her favorite authors to release her upcoming book, but soon found a new passion. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her kids, husband or family. She lives in Colorado, where she loves the Mountains during the summer months for hiking and would love to be on a beach during the winter months.

Cover Reveal: Unwanted Love by Rachel Smith

CR Banner

TITLE : Unwanted Love AUTHOR : Rachel Smith RELEASE DATE : December 15, 2015


I’m wild.
I’m reckless.
I’m Kat Willis - the ultimate party girl.
My goal in life? To have a good time, a feat I seem to accomplish with ease. I’ve lived a privileged life in picturesque Crystal Lake. On the outside, I have it all. Money, good looks, and any guy I want. Until he came along….Jaxson McAllister. Insanely sexy with a killer smile, I never stood a chance. He saw a part of me I’d kept hidden behind the faΓ§ade of a good time. I wasn’t prepared for him to turn my world upside down, but when he did, all the broken pieces of my life fell into place. Everything I’d told myself I never wanted, suddenly became exactly what I needed.
A home.
A family.
READ THE First 2 chapter's on Rachel's Blog :
Jax in towel(1)
the author
author pic
Rachel Smith was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. After spending a few years in the ‘big city’ she now lives with her husband and two children in Clear Lake. Working part time from home, she spends the rest of her time exercising, reading, and taking care of her family.
Shame Teaser Smoke Teaser  
Tour proudly hosted by Christina at #CBBProductions

CBB 250    

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Release Day Blitz: Reckless Fear by Micki Fredricks

Title: Reckless Fear
Series: The Black Viper Series #1
Author: Micki Fredricks
Genre: Dark NA Romance
Release: November 21, 2015
Tight Everly, Sergeant-at-Arms of The Black Vipers M.C.
In the world of The Black Vipers, sin runs free and I'm sin personified. 
Given permission by the cut I wear, I take whatever the emptiness inside me desires, by any means necessary. 
Unfortunately, the truth sin doesn’t want you to know–nothing is ever free. It takes payment in flesh and degradation.
A highly venomous predator, it slithers around inside of you, wreaking havoc and claiming your soul as its own.
Sasha was the savior to my sinful ways…only she didn’t want the job.
When sin rules your life, there are no boundaries. You take without regret.
She would be my salvation, even if I had to play the Devil to get her.
Sasha Campbell
Being near Tight was like standing on the edge of a raging fire. 
The heat dangerously intoxicating, offering protection from the darkness while promising the burn of betrayal if I got too close.
Yet here I stand, staring endlessly into the dancing flames, not noticing the building smoke or the ache of his all-consuming heat. 
Unfortunately, I know how this story ends. Burned beyond recognition and discarded, I’m turned to ash without a second thought.
Completely destroyed by him.
There had to be a way to avoid the damage he’d inflict. The problem was, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.
Because with Tight, this kind of burn feels amazing.
**WARNING** Dark Contemporary Romance/New Adult Novel. 
Contains sexual situations, violence, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and mature topics. Recommended for age 18 years and up. 
“This is a very brutal storyline and it’s soooo good. In fact it’s more than that … it’s brilliant. What I need to know is when will I get round two? I’m a Tight Everly junkie and am going to definitely need a support group along with counseling after this one.”~ 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Ramblings from Beneath the Sheets

“My advice? Get this book the minute you can. It is an incredible piece of writing that will keep you entertained and make you want even more. Thank goodness there will be more.” 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Goodreads Reviewer

“2 words~ LOVED. IT. Definitely a book you can read in one sittings. Yes. It's that good.”~🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 LisaReadsAlot
If they’d known about ADHD when I was little, my Ritalin dosage would've been OFF THE CHARTS!!It goes without saying; I spent A LOT of time by myself after the teacher moved my desk out into the hallway. ** Silver lining** With all that alone time on my hands, I used my imagination to make the world a more interesting place. When I was little, people said I had an "active imagination". In elementary school, teachers called me a "daydreamer". My high school counselor said I needed to “learn how to focus" and my college professors warned me to "buckle down". Before I knew it, it was time to “grow up”.So that's what I did. I grew up, got married and had five kids. I work as a full time nurse, I'm active in my church, part of the most amazing book-club, blog about books with my best friends and cart small humans to school, football, theater, dance ect. Oh yeah...and write a bit when I can and now people call me "talented". Moral of my life story: Hug your kids, embrace their differences. Love them for who they are. Someday, the traits you think are struggles now… Might be exactly what they needed to turn their dreams into reality!Micki lives in small town Iowa with her husband, kids and a fat Cocker Spaniel named Joey. She is the author of Winds of Darkness and Chasing Jenna.