Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Indie Voice Cocktails and Appetizers

     So, last Thursday night, Holly and I were invited to attend a soiree down at Pierpont's in Union Station Kansas City, MO. Now, we live in Missouri, born and raised here all of our lives, and never in the 31 years that I have been living had I had a day like 5/2/2013. Started off by taking my daughter to school, I was wearing flip flops because I got up late and was rushing to get Brooklynn in the car and to We Care. I step outside and HOLY HELL IT WAS FUCKING COLD!!!! Not only cold, but it was spitting this cold crap and white crap. The white crap was snow. SNOW!!!!!!!! IN MAY!!!!! OK, so like I said at the beginning, never in the 31 year of me being alive had I experienced snow this late in the Spring season. I pick Holly up and we head downtown. I know I was really excited, and scared all at the same time. I was going to meet authors, not just that, but I was going to be in the presence of women that follow their dreams everyday! So I stash my fan girl giddies in the car and act all cool and calm and what not. We pull on to the highway and people are driving 25 mph; remember the snow? Yeah it was coming down is huge white, fluffy, fat, wet, heavy flakes. Drivers in Missouri were afraid of the snow. This is normal for the idiots that drive here, we get a rain drop and a good portion of the drivers forget how to drive in the rain. It snows, and it is like the world is ending. Finally past the dumb dumbs' that are driving too slow for me (like I said 25 mph), Holly and I are on our way FINALLY!!!! We pull into Union Station and get out, snow still falling like big puffy pillows, and we get inside Union Station. OK here is when the fan girl starts to rise up again. We get inside the elevator and two other people join us, little did Holly or I know at the time but we were in the elevator with Jana DeLeon. The first person that I see when we get off the elevator was Denise Grover Swank!!! OK, so now Holly and I are calming down, we know Denise from being on her street team, and from a previous book signing. We then meet Heather Smith, she is Denise's right hand woman and assistant. We grab our alcohol, peruse the gathering, drool over the food, and start to chill out. As Holly and I were people watching, a very strange woman comes and stands too close for comfort to us. She was almost in our little bubble. We say hi, she goes on about how she want's to apologize for the weather to everyone, and she leaves. We go and fill our plates, go and stand next to Heather, we see Trisha Leigh and say hello, and then the fun starts. We were introduced to Stormy, Emily, and Tristian (sorry if I spelled your name wrong!!!). From there, we meet Jane Graves, Jasinda Wilder, Debra Holland, Dorian Kelly, Liliana Hart, and Colleen Gleason (If I forgot anyone I am so very sorry I still love you!!). There were mentions of this is sanitizer, not lube, and pictures of our butts (no not bare), and there was something about anal bleaching. We had a blast. We didn't want it to end, but then the end came. We got our goody bags, and look inside at the goodies. BOOKS!!!!!!!! So being natural fans, we pull them out and wonder if it was OK if we got them autographed... OH Who cares!!! We get them signed gave hugs, became friends on Facebook and said out good byes. So, now what happens? We wait until we can get together again next year in New Orleans, and have even more fun in the Big Easy! 

***The woman that was in the elevator with Jana DeLeon was Barbara Vey, a book blogger for Publishers Weekly***

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