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Blog Tour: The Other Side of Gemini by LG McCann

Sylvia Miloche is a successful book editor by day, D-list party girl by night, and has been dating New York City’s favorite playboy James Ryan for five years. But things are far from perfect. When the New York Post catches James with an intern, Sylvia’s already precarious life comes crashing down. 

Lindsay Sekulich is a high school science teacher, wife, and mother of three in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. Her high school reunion is quickly approaching and that means the secrets of her bad-girl past, all of which she’s kept hidden from her husband, could come spilling out, revealing who she once was and the horrible things she’s done. 
When Sylvia emerges in Scottsdale, seeking refuge in her hometown from the relentless gossip blogs, Lindsay finds herself alternately elated and terrified. The two were inseparable as teens, but a tragedy just before their senior year tore them apart. Sylvia, once a carefree, joyful girl always up for adventure, is a beaten down and broken adult. Now Lindsay must make a choice: rescue the friend who saved her in high school, or keep it all hidden to save her marriage from almost certain destruction.

~~I received this in exchange for an honest review~~

This is the first book that I have read by LG McCann, and I know it isn't going to be the last. This book made me slow down on the reading. This book goes back and forth between Sylvia and Lindsay.Two high school best friends, that had a falling out in high school. They don't speak again until it is time for their high school reunion. 

There are secrets that Lindsay is holding out from her husband, some major secrets that could end up hurting their marriage. The only person that knows most of these secrets is Sylvia. 

Sylvia moved to New York, lives in a penthouse suite with her long time boyfriend James. But ever since the story broke that James has been having an affair with a 19 year old intern, Sylvia had been nothing but a drunk. And not a pleasant one at that. Can she escape her past? Can she move on from James and be happy again?

This book, I would call it a mystery. You really don't find out what happened until you are far into the book. And that is a good thing. I did find some of the dialogue long and drawn out. At times it was boring, but you need that back filler to figure out what is going on. Pick up this book! 

LG McCann was born and raised in the Last Frontier. She spent her formative years on her
family’s ski resort near Fairbanks where, if she wasn’t bombarding customers with rocketlaunched
Barbie dolls, she was in the cubby under the stairs making up stories. After enduring
the rest of her adolescence in Anchorage, LG tried her hand in the Lower-48, where she
graduated from Hollins University summa cum laude with a double major in English and Film &

After six years in New York City, where she acquired unique experiences working in reality TV,
the non-profit sector, and the publishing industry, LG still hadn’t found her calling. She still just
wanted to be in that cubby making up stories. She wanted to write.
These days, that’s exactly what she’s doing. But when she’s not writing or proofreading (or at her day job), you’ll most
likely find LG playing in her garden, cooking with her partner Jonathan, attempting complex yoga moves, or passing out
from exhaustion on her couch with her fuzzy assistant Emmy Cat.

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