Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grocery store rage

So just about 15 minutes ago, Brooklynn, Myles and I were at Hy-Vee getting some dinner and I remembered that I have to sign a WIC check. So I purchased my steelhead trout, rice and other items for dinner, then I made my way to the customer service counter. Now at the Blue Springs Hy-Vee there are two portions to the counter, there is the Money Services side and then customer service side. Knowing that I didn't need the money services side I stood in line on the customer service side. As I was standing there, an elderly lady in a motorized shopping cart started yelling that she was behind the gentleman that I was standing behind. She also said that there was one line for the whole counter, that I cut in front of her... Now many of you know me, and know that I have a small attitude...So I told her very nicely that I was standing in the customer service line, and that she was standing in the Money services line. She started to argue with me, so I start to ignore her. She raises her voice making a scene, by now the gentleman that is in front of my and his two daughters are getting involved with the little elderly lady. She goes on and on how she just got out of the hospital because she had lung surgery. OK... I'm going to state something here... if a person just got out of the hospital from lung surgery, they sure as hell are NOT going to be outside with wind that is at least 12 mph with the temp at 18 degrees. Now, the lady that is behind me is looking at me ans she says "really, this is what this lady is mad about? A stupid place in the line? I have better things to do with my life than to worry about a stupid place in line!" I agreed with her and went about standing in line. It got to my turn I did my business, told the lady behind the counter to have a great rest of her day and went home. Now correct me if I am wrong, but there are more important things in this life that a place in line. I feel sorry for this elderly lady, if she is worried about a place in line, she is worried about the wrong things. Just remember folks, it is a place in line, it isn't life and death, we are all going to be helped when we can! 

There will be more posts later, I have new things to try and books that I have to review!!!


  1. Well said! And, there is no point going around being bitter. Life is too short. Bravo to you for being the bigger person. :)

  2. Thanks Heather, it wasnt hard to do. I have to make a good impression for my kids and arguing with a person like that is not good.


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