Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh when does it end?

     When you have kids, and they are sick, you feel helpless.  You can't do anything to make them feel any better. All you can do is hope and pray that the medicine that the doctors office prescribes you starts to work quickly. In the mean time, you go through boxes of tissues, lots of tears even more laundry than you want to do. There are tons of holding and kisses, lots of rocking back and forth. Orange juice and crackers, chicken noodle soup and sleeping as much as you can. Then after all of that it seems like the illness isn't going away. Tonight, my son has gone through 3 outfits, several diapers, and now has a diaper rash, has had his medicine, and is now sleeping (for the time being).  My daughter doesn't have what we have. She is strong and doesn't want to be sick. All she wants to do is cuddle with her doggie.

     In the meantime, I have decided to partake in the Polar Bear plunge. I need to get sponsors and raise $150 bucks! It is going to a great cause. Even me being on disability I donated!! If any of you that read this please help me out! I am going to be jumping in a very cold lake on most likely a very cold day in January. The link to my donation page is: Polar Bear Plunge Donation page!!!. Anything you can donate would help out!

     It is time to get off of here and get to either reading or resting more. I hope you all have a great night!

Polar Bear plunge donation page!


  1. I hope your son is feeling better. You're a brave soul, I could never do the Polar Bear plunge! I start shivering just thinking about it!

    1. LOL. A couple of really good friends of mine are doing it, and in my craze of being sick and what not, I committed to jumping into a lake. So I am going to go through with it! Wish me luck that I don't freeze to death!


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