Friday, April 8, 2016

Review: Dead Girl by Tessa Marie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If her mother wasn’t watching, Kylie Presby would punch Queen Bee, Natalie Silvers, in the face -again. But as Kylie wipes her tears away with the layers of toilet paper encasing her car, she knows she can’t retaliate like she did last time. Her dead mother wouldn’t approve. Kylie no longer cares about popularity. Invisible would work just fine.

Then the new kid, Braydon, mysterious, good looking and too clever for his own good, shows up and sacrifices his social status, becoming Kylie’s shield from the front line assault. After enough chocolate ice cream and movies it’s as if they’re best friends. Crazy, since Kylie knows so little about him.

As Natalie continues her relentless attacks on Kylie another person deals with his own line of bullies. Jack Stine was popular until his deepest secret was revealed and his friends abandoned him. Kylie and Jack bond over their tormentors and form an unbreakable friendship.

Three lost souls each with a story that binds them together, but will it be enough when the bullying goes too far and secrets are revealed?

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It's just a pause ; it doesn't mean that it is over.

I don't even know where to begin my review. I have so much to say, and yet, nothing that I think of would do this book justice. I have read Tessa's work before, and I have loved it. This book is no different. I so want to comment on what goes on in this book, but that will give everything away. I know one of the topics hits personally close to me. Reading that particular part was like reliving the phone call all over again. It hurt and I ugly cried.

Kylie has wanted Drew since the 3rd grade, but he has always been with Natalie. When Kylie goes to a party at Drew's house and is accused of trying to steal Drew away from Natalie, that is when all hell breaks loose. Kylie is literally the social outcast that she has always steered clear from.

I am not going to go into specifics of what goes on in this book. Tessa has very well developed characters. The storyline is amazing and very strong. The topics are things that happen in everyday life, but we choose to ignore them. I was never bullied, I was not the popular girl, but I knew everyone, and everyone knew me. The storyline touches on bullying, in its purest form. Tessa shows us what the characters went through and what they did to stop it, or try to.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. Grab your tissues, you're going to need them .

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