Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Once Upon a [Stolen] Time by Samreen Ahsan

Once Upon A [Stolen] TimeOnce Upon A [Stolen] Time by Samreen Ahsan
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Let me start this off by saying, that if you haven't discovered Samreen yet, YOU my friend are missing out. I read the blurb for this book and was intrigued. It has princes, castles, mysteries, witches, etc... It also has a plot line that jumps from the 1415 to 2015. I have only read one other book like that, and that book captured me as well.

This book starts off by us getting to know Myra. She loves the way that gentlemen treated ladies with chivalry back in the 1400's. The castles, the Kings and Queens, everything. She wanted to be immersed into it. Now only if she could find a guy that is like the knights in the books that she reads.

Edward is the next in line for the crown. As the Son of King Stefan, he is the next to take his place. But only if he can be exactly like King Stefan. He doesn't want that, he wants his freedom and to find love.

When Myra meets Steven for the first time, she doesn't expect what he is about to tell her, or to show her. Can she keep the past where it is? Or will the past come back and grab her when she least expects it?

I cannot wait for the next book to come out. The writing in Once Upon A [Stolen] Time is beautiful. It is like watching a movie in your head. Samreen is very descriptive. She wants you to see what the characters are seeing. She wants you to feel what they are feeling. The storyline is great. I love reading about the past. It brings back a sense of nostalgia to read about what use to go on in the renaissance times. You fall in love with the characters that you are supposed to, and you dislike the ones you are supposed to. Samreen leaves much to the mystery. She leaves you with wanting more.

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